Summer is here ....  sunny skies, but it's not all about trips to the beach



This is the perfect time to attend to all of those home maintenance issues.


 With just a few hours work, your home could be in tip top shape and you don't have to worry about

small problems becoming big costly larger problems.


Your roof's drainage system diverts thousands of litres of water from your roof during the Cape rainy winter months. It’s important to keep your gutters flowing smoothly. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces and leaks on the interior ceiling and walls.  Before the first rains arrive, have your gutters cleaned and ensure that there are no cracks or loose connections.


Most importantly inspect your roof.


Check for tiles that have moved or are damaged. Repairing roof leaks in the middle of the rainy season is tricky, as we have to wait for drier weather before we can fix those leaks.


What about your deck and your patio?

It's a great place to hang out in the summer. But it also needs attention to keep it looking perfect. Check the decking boards - perhaps it's time for a good sanding and revarnishing with a good UV protection coat of varnish.

Have you checked your built in barbeque or as South African's love to call it "braai". Check for any rust

It may be time to have the braai scraped down and a good rust proof / heat proof paint coat added to ectend the life of your braai.


Lastly, want to cool down the temp a little - Builder's Warehouse has a great product - that comes in a kit format. A thin tubed hose with nozzle insertions every .5 metre that attaches to an ordinary garden tap. install the thin hose to the ceiling section of your patio, connct it to the garden tap - and there you have a fine mist that sprays to keep the temp down on the patio. I caution the usage of this nifty system though when we experience water restrictions. I'd suggest a quick dip in our cool ocean.